Easter Quote Page.

“He (Jesus) has forced open a door that has been locked since the death of the first man.He has fought and broken the king of death. Everything is different because he has done so. This is the beginning of the new creation”. C S Lewis.

“The most important question in all the world is whether Jesus Christ did or did not rise from the dead, because if it is true it changes everything”. Professor Joad (when he was still an agnostic before he came to faith).

“On… the resurrection we are not merely asked to have faith. In its favour as a living truth there exists such overwhelming evidence, positive and negative, factual and circumstantial, that no intelligent jury in the world could fail to bring in a verdict that the resurrection story is true”.  Lord Denning, former Lord Chief Justice of England.

We live in a dying world in a dying universe. One thing has bucked the whole trend of everything, Jesus resurrection, it is a new order. David Mansfield, Australian author and Anglican Church minister.

“What meaning does my life have that the inevitability of death does not destroy”.  Leo Tolstoy (He later found the answer in the Christian faith of the simple peasant people of Russia

“The cardinal claims of Jesus Christ namely his resurrection, has led me, as often as I have tried to examine the evidence to believe it as fact beyond dispute” .                   Lord Caldecote, former Lord Chief justice of England

“The Resurrection is rooted in history, grounded in scripture and confirmed by experience. The resurrection is the guarantee of Christian hope. This total certainty is not arrogant ..because it is based on what Christ said and did”.                                  Nicky Gumble, Church of England Vicar.

“(The Resurrection) has pre-eminently the inner consistency of reality. There is no tale ever told that men would rather find was true and none which so many skeptical men have accepted as true in its own merits…To reject it either leads to sadness or to wrath”. J R R Tolkien ( ‘Tree and Leaf’).